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VTube Studio is available for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Steam (PC/Mac). VTube Studio supports face tracking via webcam or by using a connected iPhone/Android device as face tracker. Glasses often reflect the lighting we set up in the previous steps.

“Please take a step back and show me the entire desk,” the proctor instructed. A month later, Hayes was preparing to take his first practice exam, with an Examity proctor watching him over Zoom. Hayes didn’t want to download Zoom — he’d heard about its laundry list of security concerns — but it was required to take his midterm. As for the audio you can pass through audio to the virtual machine using voicemeeter to pass the verification and then turn it off after. You can have a hotkey to switch from the virtual machine window to your real computer and have your mouse look paused to the viewer. Prevent unauthorized access and distribution of the exam questions with restricted forwarding and downloading.

You can also record a test video or audio clip to check that the microphone is working properly. The Test Webcam Online tool helps you test your webcam without downloading apps. All you need is to click the “Test webcam” button on the site, and you are good to go.

When you are finished with the quiz, click the submit button then click the red X in the top left corner of the browser to exit LockDown Browser. Use the ‘Take the Quiz’ button and complete the quiz in the LockDown Browser. If you experience technical issues during the exam, speak into the webcam and say out loud what the issue is so it is documented. Within the video conference, the instructor will provide a code to unlock the exam. Your written work will be reviewed upon the conclusion of the exam. Once the Webcam test – Check camera online exam has been submitted, Respondus will close to allow you to continue using your regular browser window.

Virtual camera

When IRIS can make out your face it will draw an outline on top of your image and begin tracking your position. I almost wonder if there is some kind of Chrome setting that I need to change. I did try a couple of other browsers , and things seem to be working fine there. It’s just a Chrome issue, and this is a shame since that is my preferred browser. When it asks you to ‘allow’ the camera simply click the ‘allow’ button.

  • If your camera has below the minimum resolution, the system may flag your test attempt.
  • Cheating your exams with this software can be challenging, and many students wonder how to cheat with Respondus lockdown browser.
  • You can also enable an on-screen camera indicator in Windows 7 by setting up an OSD shortcut.
  • If you cannot see an image in the main display window, restart the computer, and then try again.

The tests developed by Aon are always structured in the same way. To begin, you will see a short introduction with descriptions of the test exercises. This is followed by an interactive sequence in which the test is explained in greater detail and the required actions are demonstrated. Usually, specific actions need to be performed in order to move on to the next part of the instructions. To ensure that you have understood the exercise properly, you are required to complete a few example exercises. Put the phone in do not disturb mode before starting a test, so that you don’t receive any calls while you are recording.


Students can record themselves browsing the internet and doing what is considered acceptable while partaking in an online exam. Several institutions of higher learning are using proctored exams to prevent candidates from cheating. Since students take their online tests remotely, they can easily recruit another person who is more knowledgeable to take the tests on their behalf. That is why remote proctoring is done by examiners to nab them.

If your exam requires the use of a webcam , follow steps 1-5 above and then you’ll be guided through a brief set of screens prior to the start of the exam. Both instructors and students want a smooth experience using Respondus tools. Provide an ungraded practice quiz that requires Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor within your course, or provide them with the link below so that they can take the IDT LockDown Browser Pretest.

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